The Peace Ride

Badges of schools which have Peace Pitches including Beauchamps High School and Woodlands School
Badges of schools which have Peace Pitches including Beauchamps High School and Woodlands School


One of the foremost legacies of the last four years in Basildon has been the Forget Never Project’s membership of the National Children’s Football Alliance. This organisation promotes peace and reconciliation using the 1914 Christmas Truce kick-about as the inspiration for examining present day conflicts and understanding the need for peaceful solutions.

Students from Woodlands School in Basildon and Beauchamps High School in Wickford have been participating throughout the four years of the Forget Never Project and have contributed so much to the success of the highly-praised endeavour. The reward now is that representatives of the two schools will make up the UK contingent to the GLOBAL PEACE GAMES to be held in Belgium this coming September. The two schools will be joined by Catholic and Protestant students from a school in Northern Ireland in the make up of the UK team.

In order to raise money for the students to participate, a sponsored ride will take place on March 23rd from Kent to The Menin Gate in Ypres. Four adults representing Woodlands and Beauchamps Schools, along with the Veterans’ Breakfast Club in Basildon will take part. To highlight the Peace Ride, students from the two schools will be cycling the land distance to be travelled and row the channel distance using the facilities in the gym at Basildon’s Sporting Village on Friday 15th February 2019. In total they will travel the 186km between 12 noon and 1600.

We would like to thank the management and staff from Everyone Active at the Sporting Village and to Stephen Metcalfe MP as the Forget Never Patron who will join the event at 1300.

Anyone wishing to help the youngsters can donate to a Crowdfunder page:



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